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What is Biology?

Biology (Greek, Bios – Life, log –study) is the study of life and life processes. Biology is defined as the science of living organisms which includes their growth, structure, function, various metabolic activities of their body, their habitat, mode of nutrition, mode of reproduction, and their evolutionary pattern. Plants, animals, and microorganisms inhabit in diverse areas such as mountains, snow-clad mountains, deserts, grasslands, forests, hot springs, marine, and fresh water.

Each plant and animal have its own adapted way to function in order to survive. Online Tutorspoint offers Biology Homework help & Dissertation writing help by biology experts in the USA, UK, and Australia.

Biology Assignment Help

Ernst Mayr, an evolutionary biologist, who has been called the ‘The Darwin of the 100th Century’, single-handedly made the Origin of Species diversity the central question of evolution. All matter in this universe is divided into two components – Biotic and Abiotic.

Biotic comprises living organisms while abiotically comprises non-living organisms like water, fire, air, soil, etc. Biotic components live in mutual harmony with the abiotic components in order to survive.

The entire range of living organisms is classified into five different kingdoms – Kingdom Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia. The kingdom is the highest level in the hierarchy of classification.

This hierarchy of classification is defined as taxonomy and is maintained to identify the organism in such a way that it is universally accepted.

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All living organisms require energy for their various body activities like growth, locomotion, and life processes like digestion, reproduction, excretion, etc. This energy is obtained from food. Organisms like plants and algae synthesize their own food with the help of sunlight, water, and a green pigment called chlorophyll. Hence these organisms are known as autotrophs and the process of preparing food is called photosynthesis.

The other organisms are either directly or indirectly dependent on plants and hence are known as heterotrophs. Some organisms live as obligate parasites on other organisms, while some live in a symbiotic relationship with other organisms.

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While the above description of biology provides an understanding of the working of living organisms, it is also bound to accept that all living organisms tend to fall ill due to diseases caused by micro-organisms, failure of cells to function properly, and organ failure.

This results in various incurable and curable diseases and disorders. Some of the diseases caused by microbes are malaria, typhoid, and dengue, while different types of cancer namely, breast cancer, leukemia, and pancreatic cancer are caused due to the continuous and un-arrested growth of cells.

Biology Homework Help

Thus, it is important to maintain one’s health as diseases like malaria and cancer are widespread in today’s lifestyle. Biology has advanced much more from this basic knowledge in the 1900s until today.

Today’s modern and advanced technology aims at discovering medicines to cure system diseases like Diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and so on. Invent of biotechnology and nanobiotechnology has revolutionized the field of medicine thus promising a better future in controlling diseases and maintaining perfect health.