Gantt Chart Homework Help

What is Gantt Chart?

The Gantt chart is the graphical representation of the time duration of the activity that has been taken by each activity for performing a task, recorded in the Gantt chart.

In this chart record of the progress of the project is mentioned, and through this all the plants and schedules of the activities are determined. This helps with analyses and understanding of a project for the project manager. In the Gantt chart, every activity has been recorded and analyzed for evaluation purposes and that is for the completion purpose of the project.

What are the advantages of the Gantt Chart?

  1. In the Gantt chart, we recorded the time duration of each and every activity and this shows the scheduling of the project activities and job operations.
  2. This chart defines the order of the activities that are performed. In the Gantt chart, the schedule of the activities has mentioned.
  3. This is a suitable tool for monitoring and analyzing the activities of the project.
  4. This also provides the backup steps for the project if any project step gets delayed.
  5. It defines the achievements of the goals that have been achieved in the project.
  6. It also illustrates the work dependencies between successive activities.
  7. This provides the complete chart of the project or we can say it is the blueprint of the whole project we don’t need to make it practically on the site.
  8. This also shows the latest updates about the activities which means the activity has been completed, or not or this is on the schedule or not.
  9. This shows the progress of the project and the remaining time and activities.
  10. It is also an important reporting tool

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