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Law Dissertation:

Law is legal studies program that teaches the fundamental principles of the legal profession and prepares students for work in that profession. The study of law is related to degrees in criminology, justice studies, political science, sociology, public administration, and business administration.


Following are the different areas in which Tutorspoint writing experts provide Law Dissertation Help:

  • Construction Law
  • Socio-legal Studies
  • Judicial Process

Commercial Law:

  • Comparative and European Corporate Law
  • Comparative Private Law
  • Comparative Public Law

Competition Law:

  • Competition Law

Constitutional and Administrative Law:

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law

Corporate Law:

  • Company Law
  • Comparative and European Corporate Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Insolvency Law

Criminal Law:

  • Criminal Law

Criminology Law:

  • Criminology
  • Criminal Justice and Penology

Environmental Law:

  • Environmental

European Union Law:

  • European Union Law
  • European Business Regulation

Family Law :  

  • Family Law

Human Rights Law:

  • Human Rights Law

Intellectual Property Law:

  • Intellectual Property

Judicial Process :

  • Civil Procedure
  • Evidence


  • Philosophy of Law

Labour Law:

  • Labor/Employment Law

Law and Finance:

  • Law and Finance
  • Principles of Financial Regulation

Law of Obligations:

  • Contract
  • Restitution
  • Tort

Legal History:

  • Legal History

Medical Law and Ethics:

  • Medical Law and Ethics

Private International Law:

  • Conflict of Laws

Property and Trusts:

  • Advanced Property and Trusts
  • Land Law
  • Personal Property
  • Trusts

Public International Law:

  • Public International Law

Roman Law:

  • Roman Law

Socio-legal Studies:

  • Law in Society
  • Regulation


  • Taxation