Revealing 5 Important Benefits of Using Citation Tools

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The Benefits of Using Citation Management Tools

Any thesis or writing is incomplete without the right bibliography. This is so because the readers ought to know the originality of the content and may even refer to the original content in case of doubts.

The citation is the collection of the bibliography and is done right somewhere in the middle of the write-up which gives the people reading it access to the sources from which the writer has collected the information.

As the craze for writing has picked up momentum today, many authors have been coming up with their thesis or research reports. This has called for the emergence of what is called Citation Management Tools.

This is basically the technique of using software to keep a track of the sources used in the writings,i.e.the bibliography. Also referred to as bibliographic management tools or citation managers, these can be used in Microsoft Word.


Revealing 5 Important Benefits of Using Citation Tools

  1. RefWorks
  2. Endnote
  3. Zotero
  4. Mendeley
  5. Papers


The ultimate and revealing 5 important  benefits of using citation tools focus on examining the benefits, drawbacks, and possible impact factors on citation trends



A web-based commercial tool, RefWorks allows university students, faculty, and staff to connect to electronic editions of journals using the RefWorks account to which the library of the University has subscribed. This tool helps in building a personal database. Considered the most popular tool, it is a very effective means of framing the right bibliography.



Developed by Thomson Reuters, Endnote is made use of when writing essays and articles. The tool helps in simplifying the tedious task of organizing the references. It is a desktop client software and offers more than 6000 bibliographic styles. The tool is quite effective for the health sciences.



The only reference tool which can automatically sense content in the web browser, Zotero is known for its ease of use. Anything ranging from PDFs, and audio to snapshots of web pages can be added to it.

It is desktop software and can archive website content for local storage.



Web-based desktop software, Mendeley offers various good features like backup across various computers, PDF viewer, smart filtering, and tagging. Along with this, it also offers social networking features like comments, news feeds, profile pages, etc.



Papers is a reference management software for Mac OS X and Windows. Once available only for MAC users, it is now also available for Windows and IOS devices. The specialty of this tool is offering not only the organization of references but also the maintenance of PDF files.


Citation Management Tools are quite beneficial in a lot of ways:

  • They can help in managing a list of references or citations quite easily and effectively and thereby save time.
  • They help in organizing the citations and making them accessible by managing the information while researching. This helps in saving precious time as well as energy.
  • They help in synchronizing data across multiple machines as well as offer the advantage of sharing research with others.
  • They help in accessing the information on the desktop or online.
  • They provide the benefit of citing and listing resources in a wide range of bibliographic styles as needed

The above-mentioned are the common advantages of citation management tools. Let us now have a look at the individual benefits offered by them.


Revealing 5 Important Benefits of Using Citation Tools


Want to learn how to get the most out of Citation Management Tools?

Benefits of RefWorks

  • Can deal with errors easily.
  • Carries out the instructions as told.
  • Citation entries from bibliography types like books, magazines, journals, etc. are covered by it.
  • It can rightly be termed as an excellent citation management software


Benefits of Endnote

  • It can be used for searching the Library Catalog or importing saved references into the EndNote library.
  • It can easily format imported citations according to a different number of style formats.
  • Importing citations from other databases, such as journal indexes is another major advantage.
  • It can work very smoothly and in continuity with Microsoft Word to reference citations from the EndNote library into a research paper and then format the footnotes and bibliography.


Benefits of Zotero

  • It has the feature of dragging and dropping PDFs into the library and then taking out bibliographic information for citations.
  • It is very convenient to use and does not pose any difficulty once the setup has been established.
  • There is hardly any information source that is not connected to this tool. It works with almost all of them.
  • If you want to share your sources with others, then Zotero is there at your service.
  • A good feature of this tool is that it can also take notes as well as tag all the records.


Benefits of Mendeley

  • This citation management tool offers the benefit of annotating, highlighting or tagging each and every document.
  • Networking with other researchers is one benefit that not all Software Provides. Mendeley is perfect for that.
  • Mendeley as a citation management tool offers a special feature of “Watching” a folder on the computer and then automatically importing all new documents into the library.
  • This tool provides a huge cost benefit as it provides free account service which includes 2 GB of storage space. This saves a lot of costs.
  • It also provides the feature of dragging and dropping PDFs into the library and extracting bibliographic information for citations, just like Zotero.


What are the benefits of Citation?

  • It provides the feature of metadata editing and full-screen reading.
  • Papers Online, which is a new set of services, works across all platforms,i.e., Mac, iOS, and Windows, and also provides users the benefit of sharing a collection of articles.
  • There are different versions of Papers, each offering distinctive benefits.
  • A special mention for Papers as a citation management tool-It has won an Apple Design Award in 2007, for the best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution.


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Thus we see that there are tremendous benefits to using citation management tools, the common among them is building a collection of references wherein we can include citation information, PDF files, URL links, notes, etc.

We can also organize our references while we search for them at the same time. So, if you are quite interested in writing, you may take the help of these tools and explore their huge benefits.


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